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In the true spirit of sharing and fostering intercultural dialogue,

  1. To continue the legacy of Kala Bharati, online in an interactive mode.

  2. To make available, online, resource material for the study and pursuit
    of Bharata Natya.

  3. To give exposure to Indian cultural heritage through live panel discussions
    and lecture demonstrations on topics in Indian Classical Dance and in
    particular Bharata Natya.

  4. To provide facilities for training in the art, based on the Kala Bharati experience.

  5. To offer, with Web 2.0 applications, a forum on Indian dance matters
    to a dance community online.

  6. To showcase the contribution of the Indian diaspora through exchange
    and interaction, both live and robotic.

  7. To reach out locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to help innovate,
    ignite and inspire. Vision of Natyaangan
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