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First, select one of the four Chatrooms
First, select one of the four Chatrooms by clicking on its logo.

WebINAR room WebCAST room WebPOST room WebCHAT room
webINAR room webCAST room webPOST room webCHAT room

A new window will open as the one you see here on the right, where you will be asked to login.

LoginIf you have registered and your membership has been accepted, you can login as a member, with your registered User Name and password. 

You may login as a guest.  To login as a guest use any 6 letter word as the User Name and the name of the room as password.  For example if you want to enter the WebINAR room use WebINAR as the password to enter.

Choose the language of your choice. At the moment English is the only one that we are using.

Enter and you will be there!

See the video that shows all the functionalities
(the rooms selection is not available anymore in the login screen)

how to use the chatrooms
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