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The site is envisaged to provide on-line chat facilities with live video, audio and text messaging, for, typically, up to 10 participants and up to 50 persons as observers.
In particular, it will
  • Provide more than one chat room, typically two or three concurrently.
  • Allow sharing live video, audio, pictures,sketches and other documents during chats.
  • Provide for recording of any chosen session and replay parts of it.
  • Provide 24/7 access to archived resource material including video, audio, pictures, texts and sketches.
  • Provide adequate security against abusive use of the facilities.
  • Assist the setting-up of adequate facilities for participation from different geographic locations.

Stay linked the webway completely free of cost as there is no membership or participation fee.

At present, four rooms have been designated for particular purposes. They are

webINAR room is the  designated space to gather for seminars, conferences, symposims colloques, in   which participants can intervene, listen, discuss with the panelists or individual speakers on interesting and important subjects.

The events will be publicized beforehand with the topic, date, time and speakers’ names announced on the site itself with the  possibility  to take part through video,audio or text messaging.
WebINAR room
webCAST room is the venue where workshops, instructions, training, masterclasses, lecture demonstrations etc. will be conducted using  video streaming, whiteboard and other available tools

There will be predetermined timings for these activities and notices will be circulated well in advance to inform interested persons to log- in at those times.
WebCAST room
webPOST room is the blogsphere where members can keep each other posted about the latest news and views. .It provides members   an opportunity to  publicize events and post updates using visuals such as posters, photos, graphics etc.

The blogs and postings will be monitored to make sure they are in keeping with the true spirit of sharing with members of Natyaangan.
WebPOST room
webCHAT room is the place to stay connected  just by logging in whenever one feels the need for a chat. It is the unplanned meeting, unscheduled rendevous , unexpected exchange that we sometimes  crave for to brighten up our  day and let inn some sunshine.

As is the case with all the other three rooms only registered  members of Natyaangan to will be able to avail access to this facility.Please note registration to become a member of Natyaanga is free of charge.
WebCHAT room
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